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Lecture Room

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has announced that opening of the new facility to provide UE engine training is completed in the company’s main factory.

The UE engine training center has facilities of lecture room, training room for practical work, Eco engine training room and a workshop. Wide displays and web site facilities can realize web based training.

The training center will be utilized for ship crew and supervisors of ship management companies by providing lecture/practical maintenance work and simulated operation of Eco engine to support safety operation of vessels.

The new facility will also contribute to an enhanced worldwide after-sales service network by providing regular and higher quality training to Authorized Repair Agents, which will improve their after-sales service abilities.

The training service will be available for not only UE customers but also domestic and overseas licensees to support them through technical assistance for diversifying latest technologies. Especially web based training for the new Chinese licensees can support their start-up activities. Boosting-up of UE family companies’ ability for technological potential and after-sales responsiveness will be expected.

Furthermore, this training center will be used for the next-generation engines’ training, ammonia-fueled and hydrogen-fueled, to realize a zero-emissions society through the engines’ operation and maintenance.

J-ENG, as the only one integrated global licensor covering development, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, will continue to suggest various service programs based on the ample experiences and knowhow to support the users, authorized repair agents and licensees for safe UE engine operation.

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