Rapid expansion of orders for UEC42LSH engines in domestic and world market


Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has announced that its UEC42LSH engines, developed for middle/small size chemical tankers and handy-size bulk carriers, are strongly expanding its production thanks to strong market demand of handy-size bulk carrieirs’ booming, and will reach total thirty (30) units including firm and unofficial orders after the six(6) series orders in 2020.

The UEC42LSH engine is also increasing its market share in Chinese costal vessels. The recently partnered Chinese licensee, GDF (※1), has received twenty (20) unit orders in a short term.

These achievements are the result of efforts of the engine development concepts based on the thorough market research in advance, high fuel economy as one of UE engine's features and advanced environmentally-friendly measures such as low-pressure EGR (※2) and SCR (※3), for which many ship owners and shipyards have been highly appreciating and accepted for their EEDI phase 3 (※4) vessels.

The UEC42LSH engines are expanding its production records after the first unit's delivery in June 2021. The first unit has entered its service in March 2022 and J-ENG will brush up on the model by feed-backing the service results and improving fuel economy and environmental friendliness responding price hike of petroleum and strong demand for environment.

As mentioned above, totally more than fifty (50) units of UEC42LSH engines' orders are already out-looked reliably in domestic and worldwide. Its further expansion is expected for domestic/overseas shipyards applying the engine as their standard selection.

(※1)GDF:Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory Co., Ltd.
(※2)Low-pressure EGR:A system to reduce NOx emissions by Exhaust Gas Recirculation
(※3)SCR:A system to reduce NOx emissions using Selective Catalytic Reduction
(※4)EEDI:An index to evaluate a ship’s Energy Efficiency Design Index

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