Service & Support

Technical Support & Training

We provide technical support for the safe operation of ships with UE engines, including technical confirmation and advice provided by technical personnel dispatch, and training for crew members and authorized repair persons.

Regular Maintenance

We dispatch engineers to provide support for safe operation and to reduce running costs.
They will regularly check the condition of the parts around the combustion chamber, and create a ship visit report. We will recommend maintenance based on the confirmation results.

UE Training Course

We offer practical training for the ship’s crew and authorized repair persons.

Camshaft driving system Engine's Training Course

1)Basic Course
  ・Feature and Construction、Lubricating system,Inspection of Fuel, Exhaust Cam and Roller
  ・Maintenance for Fuel injection Valve, Fuel Pump, Exhaust Valve
2)Advanced Course
  ・Maintenance for Piston Crown, Crosshead Pin Metal Inspection
  ・Overhaul Work

Eco Engine's Training Course

・Featues, Stcture and Parfomance of UE-Eco Engine
・Maintenance and Overhaul Work of Electic driven pumps and Controller

UE Training Center

The UE training center has training facilities, including a lecture room, a maintenance training area, an electronically controlling equipment training area, and workshop.We also use large displays and web devices to provide web training that connects the center to remote locations.

  • Lecture Room

  • Training Area

  • Eco Engine Training Area

  • Workshop

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