Solution & Technology

IoT, CBM, Digitalization

IoT Initiatives

We are taking initiatives for research and development, and data analysis, with the goal of creating new value using operational data.
In recent years, sensing technology and analysis have been developed due to the growing interest in IoT and AI technology application, and we aim for customer satisfaction by introducing these technologies and integrating them with our know-how.

CBM Initiatives

We are taking CBM initiatives using the main engine diagnostic system and monitoring system.

Main Engine Diagnostic System

The integrated support system is a navigation support system for the main engine by remote monitoring, using the internal and external networks, and is a total-support package where the following effects can be expected.
• Efficient operation based on advanced monitoring and condition diagnosis
• Realization of preventative maintenance through early detection of abnormalities in onboard equipment
• Precise automatic judgments and gives instructions for support onboard without requiring remote communication

Monitoring System Initiatives

As a part of IoT and AI technology applications, we are developing monitoring technologies such as in-cylinder pressure control, electronic control engine waveform monitoring, bearing wear monitoring, and bearing temperature monitoring systems.

Challenge to Digitalization

J-ENG will aim for providing automonous/ independent main engines by developing the next generation Eco control system, 5th Generation, and digital twin technology to realize automonous/independent operation, continuous monitoring, and optimized operation / maintenance collaborating with classification societies and other parties.
The 5th generation Eco control system will be completed in 2022. By adding newly developed modules to the existing control system, it will be up-graded as a multi-task system, which will enhance the engine monitoring function and also sharing and open-sourcing the operation data with other parties to utilize the accumulated data.

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