UE Engine

LSJ Series

The LSJ Series is a model that integates the LSH Series with the UE engine’s independently-developed technologies of complete combustion and stratified water injection in order to meet the SOx global cap for using MGO or Maine Diesel Oil only in or after 2020. It achieves a significantly lower fuel consumption (improving fuel efficiency by about 5% compared to the previous models) while complying with NOx regulations. Integrated with our own technology - low-pressure EGR or low-pressure SCR system, it is possible to meet the Tier III regulations.
The LSJ Series is the first model that was developed with J-ENG’s JUMP concept solution.
The first UEC50LSJ-EGR engine was completed in December 2018. Subsequently the UEC35LSJ have developed and completed in September 2022. The LSJ Series is enhancing its product line-up.
※The development of 50LSJ is supported by Japan Foundation.
※LSJ has been awarded “Marine Engineering of the Year (Dokou Memorial Award) 2019”.
Water injection system is the feature of LSJ

The Merits of Using MGO (distillate fuel)

Similar to MDO and distillate fuel, marine gas oil (MGO) is a high-quality and environmentally-friendly fuel compared to HSFO(heavy fuel oil), which has been used in marine diesel engines up to now. Although the price is a bit high, it has good flammability, reducing engine trouble, and there are no issues with availability. Also, using a single MGO fuel makes the system simple, which leads to keeping the capital investment, operation, and ship maintenance costs low.

Fuel tanks, pumps, purifiers, filters, and heat race piping are among the on-board devices that can be significantly reduced and made to be more compact.

This leads to low fuel consumption, which can offset the high price of the fuel.

Feature of MGO(distillate fuel) and the other fuels

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