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LSH Series

The LSH Series is an engine that uses conventional fuels or compatible oils, has cleared the environmental regulations for SOx and NOx, and has achieved further reduction in fuel consumption compared to conventional models.

The first UEC50LSH engine was completed in March 2015. Having been received favorably, the number of orders has been steadily increasing. Additionally, we are currently developing the UEC42LSH, aiming to complete it in December 2020.

Feature of LSH Series

UEC42LSH-Eco-D3 will be completed in December 2020.

The UEC42LSH-Eco-D3, currently under development, is the successor to the UEC45LSE, which has a high number of deliveries. It’s characterized by an ultra-low fuel consumption engine that seeks even further fuel efficiency, which is UE’s specialty, setting the optimum output range for handy-size bulk carriers and small chemical carriers at Japanese domestic and international shipyards.

Fuel consumption comparison

Fuel consumption comparison

For the external dimensions, the engine size is becoming more compact, such as reducing the piston diameter from 45 cm to 42 cm. Specifically, compared to the UEC45LSE-Eco, the UEC42LSH-Eco is more compact, with a length of 248 mm, a bed plate width of 20 mm, and 17 tons lighter.

External dimensions comparison

External dimensions comparison 45LSE and 42LSH

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