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  • Optimal Maintenance Management of UE Engine

    This video introduces J-ENG’s basic Maintenance Management.

  • J-ENG Corporate Movie ”New Technology for the Future”

    This is our latest movie.

  • New Office and Warehouse have been completed

    We introduce our new office building and warehouse completed in March 2020 and automatic storage system completed in July 2020.

  • Marine diesel engine UEC-LSJ, 360° video

    The 360° panoramic tour of a new marine diesel engine, 5UEC50LSJ-EGR, the cutting-edge technological demonstrator that we will present at "Sea Japan 2020" on March 11-13 . This is a video tour of key features of the engine. Smartphones or tablet computers are recommended to experience 360°field view. Please see the VR in our exhibition booth at Tokyo Big Sight.

  • How Water Injection System Works -UE Engine’s technology Vol.1-

    This UE Engine original technology realizes higher fuel economy and lower NOx emissions simultaneously. Watch the 3D-video to get the mechanism of this cutting-edge technology.

  • Trial run of a marine diesel engine at shop

    This video summarizes a trial run procedure almost taking 4 hours from start to finish.
    Through the trial run, various measurements and tunings are applied by increasing the load gradually. The engine performance is optimized by this process. The 6UEC35LSE-Eco-B2, with 6-cylinder and cylinder bore 350mm, develops 4,000 kW at 127rpm. This engine is the prime mover for a bulk carrier built at a Japanese shipyard.

  • Assembling process of UEC marine diesel engine

    Assembling process of new marine diesel engine, 5UEC50LSJ-EGR, the cutting-edge technological demonstrator with 5-cylinder, bore size 500mm, piston stroke 2,300mm, which develops 1,780kW/cylinder, is introduced by Japan Engine Corporation.
    The 5UEC50LSJ-EGR is compliant with SOx regulation 2020 and NOx regulations TierⅡ/TierⅢ, and contributes to EEDI by realizing extra low SFOC. This engine also enables simple engine room arrangement without SOx scrubber, heating equipment.

  • Japan Engine Corporation, licensor of marine diesel engines

    J-ENG was launched by the consolidation of Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd with the diesel engine division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery Co., Ltd at 2017. The UE Engine is Japan brand's marine low-speed diesel engines.

  • UE Engine Training

    Japan Engine Corporation provides training for service engineers all over the world. Safe and stable operation of UE engines are realized through the expertized training skills.

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