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UE Engine’s Product Development, Design, Manufacturing, Sales, After-sales Services

UE Engine’s Product Development, Design, Manufacturing, Sales, After-sales Services

From development to after-sales service, we are the only company in the world that has an integrated system of the UE engine, which is one of the world's three largest brands of low-speed marine engines. Ever since we manufactured our first engine in 1955, we have developed our own technology as a licensor, and have more than half a century of experience in supporting the safe operation of ships.

We will continue to provide high-quality engines in response to customer needs and social changes, by leveraging our strengths in accumulating customer feedback, knowledge, and experience obtained through each process, such as manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service.

In transitioning from the LSⅡto LSE, LSE to the LSH, then to the LSJ series, we have upgraded the main engine for each version, and increased the cylinder diameter variations, broadening our lineup to be compatible with a wide variety of ships. Even after developing and manufacturing electronic control systems, we still sell and manufacture mechanical drive systems for customers who are more oriented towards mechanical drive systems using cams.

History of UE engine’s development

History of UE engine’s development

Manufacturing of Main Components for Shield Machines, Machining and Assembly of Large-sized Products

J-ENG is also expanding into business sectors other than low-speed engines by utilizing its extensive knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry to undertake the machining and assembly of new products.

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