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From Japan to the seven seas Pioneering the Future with Traditions and Sprit of Innovation

Presentative Director Ken KAWASHIMA

Japan Engine Corporation is the only global licensor of marine low-speed diesel engines with an integrated structure covering all the stages, customer first contact, sales, development & design, manufacturing, and after-sales service, to provide the best customer experience.

The company was launched on April 1, 2017 by the consolidation of Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd. with the diesel engine division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.
(previously known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Engine Co., Ltd.).

Knowledge and experiences in manufacturing with the latest cutting-edge technologies over a century have realized high reliability, fuel economy and environmental-friendly engines providing high value-added benefit to our customer. The “UE Engine”, as Japan brand is being forwarded together with enhancing corporate value.

Marine diesel engine is the “heart” of the vessel as playing the prime mover for the worldwide logistics. Safe and stable operation is our mission by providing delightful various services.

In order to be an “essential and sustainable enterprise”, we will keep challenging through the development of marine industries with offering the latest value to the community. We will also consider the employees’ health and wellness to grow together.

Representative Director Ken KAWASHIMA

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