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A history of J-ENG's achievements over the past 100 years

Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd.

Founded Period

  1. Kobe Engine Manufacturing Company, established through partnership between Ryotaro Namba, Taketaro Kurata and Kokichi Obayashi, began producing the first Bolinder-type petroleum engine in Japan.

  2. Reorganized as Kobe Engine Manufacturing K.K.

  3. Began producing four-stroke diesel engines.


  1. Changed trade name to Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd.

  2. Kobe Diesel entered into a license agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to produce and sell UE engines.

  3. Acquired the Kikitsu Plant of Taiyo Zosen, Co., Ltd. and transformed it into the Nagasaki Plant.

  4. Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange(presently, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.).

  5. The total production of UE engines reached 1,000,000 horsepower output.


  1. The Kobe Plant was moved to Seishin Industrial Park, northwest of Kobe city.

  2. The total production of UE engines reached 5,000,000 horsepower output.

  3. ISO9001 certified by NK quality system.


  1. The total production of UE engines reached 10,000,000 horsepower.

  2. Merging of the Nagasaki and Kobe Plants. Head Office and plants moved to the Company's new location in Akashi, Hyogo.

  3. Developed the first model of 45LSE series, 6UEC45LSE engine, a company best-seller designed for handysize bulk carriers and chemical tankers.


  1. Celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.

  2. The total production number of UE engines reached 2,000 units.

  3. Completed the first model of LSH series, 6UEC50LSH-Eco-C2, a long-stroke engine with the world's highest level of fuel efficiency.

  4. Began taking orders of shield machine parts as a new business venture.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Founded Period

  1. Yataro Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's founder, leased the Nagasaki Shipyard owned by the Japanese Ministry of Industry. Naming it Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, the company started its full-scale shipbuilding work here.

  2. Became the first private company in Japan to complete a diesel engine.

  3. Developed the MS diesel engine, a large independently-designed marine diesel engine.


  1. Developed the first 9UEC75/150 engine, later installed on the NYK’s Sanuki Maru.

  2. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Kobe Diesel Co., LTD.

  3. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Akasaka Diesels Limited.

  4. Began production of UE's largest 12UEC 85/180D engine at the time.


  1. The total production of UE engines reached 10,000,000 horsepower output.

  2. Developed the 8UEC75LSII engine, the first unit for ultra-long-stroke low fuel consumption that was installed on the Tokyo Tanker’s VLCC, Nisseki Maru.

  3. The total production of UE engines reached 20,000,000 horsepower.

  4. Constructed a diesel power plant(8UEC60LSII)as a full turnkey for the Bahamas Freeport Power Agency.


  1. Developed UE's first electronically controlled engine, 8UEC60LSII-Eco.

  2. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Vinashin(SBIC)in Vietnam.

  3. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with "QMD" (Qingdao Qiyao Wartsila MHI Linshan Marine Diesel Co., Ltd.).

  4. The total production of UE engines reached 30,000,000 horsepower.

  5. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Yichang Marine Diesel Co., Ltd.

  6. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Zhejiang Yungpu Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.


  1. Entered into a license agreement for UE engines with Hyundai Heavy Industries(Korea).

  2. In order to verify and comply with environmental regulations, 4UE-X3 engine, a full-scale test engine, was introduced. A training center equipped with an electronically controlled engine simulator was also established.

  3. Established Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. to start marine machinery and engine business.

Japan Engine Corporation

  1. Kobe Diesel and the marine engine business division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery were consolidated as Japan Engine Corporation.

  2. Developed the 5UEC50LSJ engine, a new concept for MGO mono-fuel diesel engine complying with all regulations on NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions.

  3. Completed new office and warehouse. Development and service divisions, which had been operating in the Kobe region, have been integrated into the headquarters area.

  4. The 7UEC60LSE-Eco-A2-EGR engine for Tier III with low-pressure EGR system completed.
    The UEC35LSE-Eco-B2-SCR engine equipped with the UE's first low-pressure SCR system is completed.
  5. The 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3 engine, which is the succession to 45LSEL engine, is completed.

  6. J-ENG granted GDF to the license on manufacturing and sales of UE Engines.

  7. Established UE a training center at the Headquarters factory.

  8. Completed the 6UEC35LSJ diesel engine for MGO-mono-fueled/stratified water injection applied the unique stratified water injection system.
    UE engines Cumulative Production Reaches 40 Million Horsepower.

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