Environmental Policy

1. Basic Philosophy

Japan Engine Corporation defines one of its management principles as "contributing to the development of society, shipping, and shipbuilding industries by pursuing technological and quality improvements that are compatible with environmental measures and economics, and thereby contributing to the development of society, shipping, and shipbuilding". By responding to environmental issues such as climate change, and by providing products and services that are in harmony with the environment, Japan Engine Corporation will actively address environmental issues such as the realization of a decarbonization society, and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of society.

2. Basic Policy

1) Recognizing global environmental conservation as one of the most important management issues, we will voluntarily and proactively engage in such activities.
2) By actively developing products and services that are both environmentally and economically compatible, and by providing them to society, we will strive to protect the environment, including by responding to climate change.
3) In all areas of our business activities, we will strive to reduce environmental impact by preventing pollution, conserving resources, conserving energy, recycling, and reducing waste.
4) To the improvement of environmental performance through the continuous improvement of the environmental management system through the establishment of environmental targets and the periodic review of action plans efforts are made.
5)In compliance with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which we agree, and, as necessary, in setting voluntary standards to improve the level of environmental conservation efforts are made.
6) Through environmental education and public relations activities, we will work to raise awareness of global environmental issues among all employees and partners, and to promote understanding of our environmental management system.
7) We will contribute to the creation of a better environment for local communities through communication with our stakeholders.

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