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Factory & Equipment

With a layout perfected for efficiency, this facility is the Mother Factory of our UE Engines. Here, we can manufacture large engines with a cylinder class of 60 cm in diameter (about 25,000 hp). We are also equipped with a variety of machining facilities that allow for the precision processing of parts in all shapes and sizes.

Factory Overview

Our Factory

(1)Total Site Area: 51,958㎡ (662m×79m)
Factory Buildings: 21,474㎡
Total Floor Space: 27,313㎡

(2)Engine Test Beds : 6

(3)Maximum Operating Capacity: Approx. 18,500 kW (25,000PS)

(4)Crane Capacity: 2×200t

(5)Quayside Jib Crane for Loading and Unloading: 1×300t

Main Machinery

  • MCH8000
    (box way horizontal machining center)

    MCH8000(box way horizontal machining center)

    Manufactured Parts:Pressure-relief control valve blocks
    Features:Exceptional ultra-deep cutting performance

  • INTEGREXe-1550V/10Ⅱ


    Equipment Name:Cylinder covers
    Features:Compound turning center equipped with lathe turning and simultaneous quintaxial control function

  • TU40
    (NC lathe)

    TU40(NC lathe)

    Manufactured Parts:Piston crowns
    Features:Lathe with high maneuverability and versatility

  • MCR-A5C
    (double column machining center)

    MCR-A5C(double column machining center)

    Manufactured Parts:Piston heads and metallic sliding bearings
    Features:5-surface processor with high precision and rigidity

  • MG-45/135
    (gantry plano milling machine)

    MG-45/135(gantry plano milling machine)

    Manufactured Parts:Bedplates and shield machines
    Features:Large gantry miller capable of precision machining

  • MCR-BⅢ
    (double column machining center)

    MCR-BⅢ(double column machining center)

    Manufactured Parts:Resin granulators
    Features:Equipped with a simultaneous quintaxial control function, supports a wide range of works

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