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1. Copyright

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All private use is prohibited by individuals as well as copying, modifying, distributing, or duplicating the information on the Website beyond the extent authorized by Japanese copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws without obtaining prior written permission by J-ENG or other entities. Contact J-ENG to obtain permission.

2.Trademarks, etc.

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3. Prohibitions

Using the Website for any of the following acts is strictly prohibited:

1. Infringing on or threatening to infringe on J-ENG’s or any third party properties or privacy;
2. Giving or threatening to cause any loss or damage to J-ENG or any third party;
3. Acting or threatening to act against public order and morals;
4. Committing or threatening to commit a crime or any act that leads to a crime;
5. Damaging the reputation of J-ENG or any third party;
6. Using, providing, or threatening to use or provide any harmful software program including computer viruses;
7. Violating or threatening to violate any laws, ordinances, or regulations;
8. Other acts deemed inappropriate by J-ENG.

4. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

J-ENG does not claim or represent that the information and contents on the Website are accurate, useful, secure, or safe against mistakes or hazards including computer viruses. J-ENG has no responsibility for any damages based on access to and the use of the Website.

J-ENG retains the right to modify the information and contents without notice. The Website’s operation may be suspended or terminated at any time. J-ENG has no responsibility for any damages for any reason.

The information related to the finance and management of J-ENG on the Website is offered without guarantees or accuracy to shareholders and investors.

5. Link Sites

When the user agrees with all the terms of use on the Website, especially the prohibitions and the following "linking conditions," the user (whether a business concern or an individual) is free to link without requiring any prior notice.

The Website’s information and URL may be changed, canceled, or deleted without prior notice. J-ENG has no responsibility for any damage caused by linking to the Website for the linked website’s owner or operator, viewer, or third party.

1. When linking to the Website, refer to the “title” of the linked page and correctly display its name.

2. It is absolutely prohibited to link such a Website with a website that may lead to infringement of property rights or any other rights possessed by J-ENG or to interfere with J-ENG's business activities.

3. It is absolutely prohibited to link from any Website or mail containing the following information:
 ・information contrary to public order and morals;
 ・illegal information;
 ・pornographic contents;
 ・information that abuses or defames J-ENG.

4. If the user’s website violates any of the above, J-ENG retains the right to remove the link.

5. Linking to the Website does not represent or imply any contractual relationship between J-ENG and any linking party.

6.Handling Personal Information on the Website

J-ENG recognizes that all personal information managed and used in its business activities must be handled and protected with extreme care.

7. Cookies

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Using Cookies on the Website

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Google Analytics

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Rejecting cookies

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8. Recommended System Requirements for Browser

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Recommended Browsers

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9. Contacting the Website

For queries about the Website, contact us using the contact form.

Announcement about personal information

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