UE Engine



6 cyl. MET42MB

Description Download PDF/DXF/Zip update
Outline arrangement PDF(2,349KB) DXF (17,474KB) 30 July 2020
Platform arrangement PDF(1,329KB) 01 July 2020
Arrangement of pipe connection PDF(4,208KB) 30 July 2020
Piping diagram PDF(31,667KB) 30 July 2020
Arrangement of holding down bolt PDF(2,424KB) 01 July 2020
Arrangement of lub. oil outlet PDF(1,213KB) 01 July 2020
Details of coupling flange for thrust shaft PDF(1,055KB) 01 July 2020
ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE Zip(28,117KB) 30 July 2020

Common Drawings

Description Download PDF/DXF/Zip update
Details of holding down bolt and nut PDF(1026KB) 01 July 2020
Trust stopper assembly PDF(1,118KB) 01 July 2020
Side stopper assembly PDF(1,011KB) 01 July 2020
ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE Zip(2,055KB) 01 July 2020

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