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    Techno-Ocean 2021: ammonia / hydrogen fueled engines for Carbon Neutrality of Marine Engines

  2. Press

    MOL, MOL Drybulk, J-ENG Sign Agreement for Trial of Hydrogen-fueled Engine equipped Onboard ~ Aiming to Realize a Zero Emissions Vessel ~

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    Notice of Engine List & Brochure and EPD update

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    Demonstration Project Begins for Commercialization of Vessels Equipped with Domestically Produced Ammonia-Fueled Engine

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    J-ENG held 3rd “UMIGOMI ZERO WEEK” Volunteer Cleanup Activity

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    Completion of the first 6UEC50LSH-Eco-C3-EGR engine

  7. Media

    J-ENG has been featured on the “BEAT”, a Japanese west area’s TV program

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    HyEng Corporation Established for Joint Development

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    Receiving an order of MGO mono-fuel engine, "6UEC35LSJ", for a 17,500 dwt greater coasting vessel, built by Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd. and owned by MOL Drybulk Ltd.

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    「Optimal Maintenance Management of UE Engine」 released in You Tube

  11. Press

    Results of Joint Research on CBM Adopted in ClassNK Guidelines(Edition 2.0)

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    Japanese Manufacturers Cooperate on Development of Hydrogen Fueled Marine Engines

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    Gave lecture on the Web at IoS-OP’s Taiwan seminar and introduced our digitalization and maintenance scheme on IoS-OP site

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    Sales expansion in China by a Chinese licensee: Receiving orders of the world’s first 6UEC33LSH-C2 and the latest 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3 for multiple projects

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    Notice of new website service : Engine Planning Data Calculator

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    J-ENG Corporate Movie "New Technology for the Future" is released in YouTube

  17. Press

    Receiving an order of 3 sets of main engine from Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd. for 17,500DWT greater coasting vessels owned by Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai Ltd.

  18. Press

    Aiming for further digitization of the engine. Started joint research on next generation engine control system.

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