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    Collaboration research on Condition Based Maintenance for UE engines

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    J-ENG will exhibit at Marintec China 2019 (Introducing the latest UE Engine by VR content)

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    J-ENG awarded the orders for UE Engines for New Heavy-Lift Vessels built by NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.

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    J-ENG did a volunteer beach cleanup in Nishioka Seaside Park in Akashi city

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    J-ENG and National Marine Research Institute cooperate on the research of “combustion using carbon-free fuel”

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    “Water Injection System -UE Engine’s technology Vol.1-” is released in YouTube

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    “Trial run of a marine diesel engine at shop” is released in YouTube

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    “5UEC50LSJ-EGR, VR VIDEO 360°” is released in YouTube

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    “Staffing a booth at BARI-SHIP 2019” is released in YouTube

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    J-ENG has presented the latest technologies about MGO mono-fuel engine (UEC-LSJ), together with UEC42LSH and LP-EGR at 29th CIMAC World Congress

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    J-ENG announced the development of new main engine with superior low fuel consumption “UEC42LSH” at BARI-SHIP 2019

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    Assembling process of 5UEC50LSJ-EGR -Time Lapse-" is released in YouTube

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    J-ENG and NYK Line cooperate for biofuel research and test

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    J-ENG Exhibition at Bari Ship 2019

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    J-ENG's First MGO Mono-fuel engine demonstrated to the press

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